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What Should Know When Replacing Screen Parts
Posted on  2016-10-21 



The most common repairs we are faced with are cracked and broken screens, when you cracked/broken your Phone screen, you may wonder what exactly part did I broken or which part of the screen assembly do I need to replace. And there are also many people confused about the differences between the front screen, LCD and digitizer. Therefore, the first thing you need to know is the structure of the LCD screen. Lets check it out.

What the LCD screen assembly contains

Theoretically, the LCD screen assembly is made up of these partsThe front glass lens, digitizer (including the digitizer flex cable), LCD(including the LCD flex cable), backlight film and the digitizer frame. The front glass screen is responsible for protecting, viewing and operating your screen. The digitizer(or touch screen) is a very thin transparent layer sandwiched between the LCD and the front glass. Its the component that senses your touchand responds to clicking, zooming and selecting on the phone. And the LCD screen is important for quality display and touch-response, it is what you seewhen youre looking at the phone.


How to tell if the front glass, digitizer or LCD broken

If you’ve damaged your front glass only, then the touch and display function will not be effected except for several cracks or scratches on your cellphone display, and that sounds like a lucky thing for you compared to other situations. Touchscreen (AKA digitizer,) is the thin transparent layer of plastic, which reads the signal from the touch and transports it to the processing unit.

If the touchscreen broken, you’ll lose the touch function, but you could still see what is happening on the screen, and the screen should still function as normal. When the LCD is broken, the panel will have dark blobs or spider web-looking cracks (or both). And maybe can no longer see anything on the screen. It can be verified if the screen has lines within it, or if it has a “spilled ink” look. Many customers with broken LCD report that there’s ink inside the screen.

Also there is another situation that you can still see all of the images with a bad LCD, but the screen is very deem. Since the LCD is under the front glass and digitizer, if you dropped your phone to cause LCD to death and maybe both the front glass and digitizer have been broken too, an LCD screen assembly replacement will be needed.

Can I just replace the touchscreen or LCD only?

Take iPhone and Samsung for example, they are adopting the In-cell and On-cell technology for screen production, which integrated the touch panel and the LCD panel together. We can explained the principle briefly by the following picture.                                                


So when this type of digitizer screen or LCD got broken, it’s not a wise way to replace only the digitizer screen or LCD while the digitizer and LCD are integrated together, which needs professional machines to press them to make it sticked to each other firmly. There's always big risk it might break further and damage the LCD. You might stress the LCD and cause a crack while prying it off. In this situation, we’ll recommend you to replace the whole LCD screen assembly. However, if you just broken the front glass, there are chances that you can replace a new front glass instead.

Anyway, it’s better to give your mobile phone a qualified glass protective film or case to keep it away from dropping, scratches and heavy impacts in daily uses. And when replacing your broken/cracked front glass, touch screen or LCD, better choose original and high quality replacement.



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